Section 31a At Risk

Section 31a of the State School Aid Act provides funding to eligible districts for supplementary instructional and pupil support services for pupils who meet the at-risk criteria specified in the legislation. These criteria include low achievement on MEAP tests in mathematics, reading or science; failure to meet core academic curricular objectives in English language arts or mathematics (applies to grade K-3 pupils only); or the presence of two or more identified at-risk factors. The funds may also be used for class size reductions in grades 1-6 in schools above the district's poverty percentage. Section 31a funds are limited to direct services to pupils and may not be used for administrative or other related costs.

At Saginaw Public Schools, only Arthur Hill High School and Saginaw High School receive Section 31a funds. Funds are also received at the district level and are used to help fund the Brith Through Five program and security.

More information is available at the Michigan Department of Education's Section 31a page:,1607,7-140-6530_30334-43638--,00.html