Program Participation

The role and involvement of stakeholders is critical to the successful implementation of the Centric Program. All of the stakeholders must be "all in" and understand that even the smallest contributions can make a difference in the effectiveness of some activities with respect to meeting the stated objective. Summarized below are some of the commitments we are seeking from stakeholders:

From students we will require:
  • A formal commitment to remain engaged over the course of the school year to the principles and requirements of the Centric Program
  • Demonstration of a "Yes I Can" attitude and continuously affirm their belief in their ability
  • That they extend best effort while engaged in the various activities that are a part of the Centric Program
  • That they do not discourage others from trying to seek to be their best
From parents we will require:
  • Continuous encouragement to your son to maintain his personal commitment to the "Centric Pledge"
  • Participation in Centric Program activities including parent workshops, volunteer support, chaperones, etc.  
  • Regular monitoring of your son's school work
  • Offering of feedback and suggestions regarding how the Centric experience for your son can be improved
  • Seeking out of internal and external resources in support of your son's identified challenges
District Staff
From district staff we will require:
  • Demonstration of a sustained commitment to a higher level of academic achievement for students
  • Implementation of an instructional delivery system that maximizes the opportunity for all students to achieve personal success and meets the objectives of the Centric Program
Collaborative Partners
From collaborative partners we will require:
  • A collaborative effort to leverage available community resources that will aid in improving academic performance specifically for male students in the district