Q: What is the Centric Program?
A: Centric is a grant-funded program that affords Saginaw Schools a unique opportunity to direct resources to male students in grades 6-12 to improve their academic standing. The overall mission of the initiative is to:
  • Enhance students' awareness of career options
  • Improve their ability to pursue a college degree
  • Elevate students' self-awareness
The central focus of this effort seeks to improve reading, math, science, and ACT competency.

Q: Where does the funding for Centric come from?
A: The Saginaw Public School District has been awarded a special grant in the amount of $2.47 million from the Michigan Department of Education. The funding for the program was awarded based on a competitive application process.

Q: Why are only male students allowed to participate?
A: The Department of Education's data indicates that male students in urban communities like Saginaw are persistently the lowest achieving student group. The effort here is an attempt to close the achievement gap.

Q: How are students selected to participate in Centric?
A: All male students are invited to be a part of the program. Students will be asked to pledge their commitment to the program. Several factors will be considered in selecting students for specially targeted academic support including testing data, prior academic work, assessment scores, and recommendations from teachers, counselors, and parents.

Q: What activities will students be engaged in?
A: There are a range of activities that students will be involved in to address the specific needs of the student and meet the goals of the program. Activities include:
  • Reading, math, and science tutoring
  • ACT preparation support
  • College and university campus visits
  • Community services projects
  • Career exploration and assessment
  • Character reading activities
  • Self-awareness and character seminars
Q: What role will parents have in this program?
A: Parental involvement is essential. Parents are being asked to support their sons by attending parental workshops, reviewing academic progress reports, meeting with teachers, and offer volunteer support to Centric Program activities.