Section 22k Student Centric

Centric Overview
The FY2013 State School Aid Act has provided State School Aid funds for grants to eligible districts to support and increase the use of personalized teaching methods, including the integration of technology for K-14 grade students to improve learning and outcomes and close achievement gaps in the areas of reading and mathematics, with an initial focus on African-American young men for whom data show are Michigan’s persistently lowest achieving student group. 

Applications for these grant funds were evaluated and awarded on a competitive basis. The State Board of Education required that districts meet challenging criteria to be considered for the grant. Criteria included:
  • An ability to demonstrate a rigorous curriculum aligned to state and national standards
  • Evidence that instructional delivery is organized in a way that individual pupils advance to the next grade level based on mastery of each subject area
  • The district allows for school site-based autonomy in decision making
  • Teachers have access to timely and meaningful pupil academic achievement data, best instructional methods, and professional development
  • The ability of the district to demonstrate that it is closing the achievement gab in reading, math, and science, particularly for male students
The Saginaw Public School District submitted its initial application for funding in September of 2013 and was notified in late July 2014 that it would receive $2.47 million in grant funding for the 2014-2015 school year. Grant funds will be used for a variety of activities in support of students, including learning coaches and tutors, career and college access support, parental outreach and support, field trips, student incentives, data retrieval, technology support, project evaluation, professional development, supplies, and equipment.

It is important to note that the district was also successful in getting the Michigan Department of Education to approve our request that all males in the district be allowed to participate in the program.


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Centric Program
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