Parent Engagement

Below is a list of parental involvement activities that have been held in the past couple years. Listed is a description of each activity, contact information, pricing estimates, and schools who have used the services. 

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Saginaw Public Schools
Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Involvement Policy (Cf. 7170) 7175
In accordance with the requirement of Section 1118 of Title I, programs supported by Title I funds must be designed and implemented in consultation with parents of the students being served.

The Superintendent shall ensure that the Title I plan contains a written statement of guidelines which has been developed with, approved by, and distributed to parents of participating students. The guidelines shall describe how:

1. the District expects the parents to be involved in the program, including their participation in the development of the plan;

2. meetings will be conducted with parents including provisions for flexible scheduling and whatever assistance the District may be able to provide parents in order to better ensure their attendance at meetings, and for providing information in a language the parents can understand;

3. meetings will include review and explanation of the curriculum, means of assessment, and the proficiency levels of students are expected to achieve and maintain;

4. opportunities will be provided for parents to formulate suggestions, interact and share experiences with other parents, and participate appropriately in the decision-making about the program and revisions in the plan;

5. parents will be involved in the planning, review, and improvement of the Title I program;

6. information concerning school performance profiles and their child’s individual performance will be communicated to parents;

7. parents will be provided with grade-level materials and training to help them support their children’s academic progress and learning at home;

8. timely responses will be given to parental questions, concerns, and recommendations;

9. the District will provide coordination, technical assistance and other support necessary to assist Title I schools to develop effective parental participation activities to improve academic achievement;

10. the District will ensure that all information related to school and parental activities is in language all parents can understand and shall provide support for schools to use effective communication strategies especially for parents from diverse cultural, socio-economic and language backgrounds;

11. an annual evaluation of the parental involvement plan will be conducted with parents, identifying any barriers to greater parental involvement (such as limited English, limited literacy, economic disadvantage, disability, etc.) and devising strategies to improve parental involvement;

12. the parental involvement plan will be coordinated with other programs;

13. other activities will be conducted as appropriate to the plan and State and Federal requirements.

The Superintendent shall also assure that each Title I participating school develops a
specific plan, with parental involvement, which:

1. convenes an annual meeting at a convenient time to which parents of participating children are invited to attend to explain the parents’ rights to be involved and the schools’ obligation to develop an involvement plan;

2. will devise a flexible meeting schedule and describe assistance to encourage parental involvement, such as child care, transportation, home visits, or similar aid;

3. will involve parents in an organized, on-going and timely way in the development, review and improvement of parent involvement activities;

4. will provide participating students’ parents with:

a. timely information about the Title I programs;
b. an explanation of the curriculum, the forms of academic assessment and the
    proficiency levels expected;
c. regular meetings, upon request, to make suggestions and receive response
    regarding their student’s education.

5. develops jointly with parents, a school-parent compact which outlines the responsibilities of the school staff, parents and the student for academic improvement, including:

a. the school’s responsibility to provide high quality curriculum, and instruction in a
    supportive, effective learning environment;
b. parent’s responsibility for such things as monitoring attendance, homework,
    extracurricular activities and excessive television watching, and volunteering in
    the classroom;
c. the importance of parent-teacher communication on an on-going basis through at
    least annual parent-teacher conferences to discuss achievement and the compact;
    frequent progress reports to the parents; reasonable access to the staff and
    opportunities to observe and participate in classroom activities.

Title I – Parents’ Right to Know

In accordance with the requirement of Section 1111 of Title I, for each school receiving Title I funds, the Superintendent shall make sure that all parents of students in that school are notified that they may request, and the District will provide, the following information on the student’s classroom teachers:

1. Whether the teacher(s) have met the State qualification and licensing criteria for the grade level and subject areas they are teaching.

2. Whether the teacher(s) is/are teaching under any emergency or provisional status in which the State requirements have been waived.

3. The undergraduate major of the teacher(s), the area of study and any certificates for any graduate degrees earned.

4. The qualifications of any paraprofessionals providing services to their child(ren).

5. In addition, the parents shall be provided:

a. Information on the level of achievement of their child(ren) on the required State
    academic assessments;
b. Timely notice if the student is assigned to a teacher who is not “highly qualified”
    as required, or if the student is taught by more than four (4) weeks by a teacher
    who is not highly qualified.

The notices and information shall be provided in an understandable format, and to the extent possible, in a language the parent(s) understand.

Migrant Education Program (MEP) Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Involvement

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of students in the MEP will be involved in, and regularly consulted, about the development, implementation, operation, and evaluation of the program.

Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Involvement 

In accordance with federal law, parent(s)/guardian(s) of LEP students will be provided notice regarding their child’s placement in and information about the District’s LEP program. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will be notified about their rights regarding program content and participation including the right to choose among programs if alternatives are available. The notice must also include an explanation of the value of the program in terms of academic development, mastery of English, and the achievement of promotion and graduation standards. The notice will also include an explanation of the right to remove the child from an LEP program and to place the child in the regular program. The notice must be in a format that families can comprehend and, if possible, in a language that is understood by the family.

Approved: December 13, 2006
Revised: December 19, 2012
Revised: June 18, 2014
LEGAL REF: 20 USCA 6318 (No Child Left Behind Act); MCL 380.1294 (PA 107 of 2004);
380.1295; MDE Recommended Parent/Guardian Involvement Policy, June 2004.
20 U.S.C. 6311, Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, 34 C.F.R.
Part 200 et seq.